I’ve always wanted to know more about my 11th Great Grandfather John CRAM (About 1540 – 28 May 1599). I hope this will cover all CRAM, CRAMME, CRAMBE and VonCRAM. I know there are other cousins out there that I haven’t met or been in contact with. I hope to meet them and hope that we can help each other discover other relatives. Always interested in getting new data on my family. Please contact me if you do have some. Thank you.

Monday, February 4, 2008

(182) Abner CRAM (7 Apr 1778-15 Mar 1861)

182. Abner CRAM (Ebenezer, Jonathan, John, Benjamin, John, Thomas, John) was born on 7 Apr 1778. He died on 15 Mar 1861 in Deerfield, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. Abner resided in Raymond, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA.

Notes on Abner CRAM
Lived in this town and in various other places, and died in Deerfield, March 15, 1861 (FULLONTON-195)

Abner had the following children:

231 F i. Mary P. CRAM .
Mary married Oliver TITCOMB. Oliver resided in Amesbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA.

232 M ii. David Knowlton CRAM .
Notes on David Knowlton CRAM
David Knowlton, supposed to be lost in the Mexican War (FULLONTON-195)

233 F iii. Hannah J. CRAM .
Notes on Hannah J. CRAM
Hannah J., married, but we have no account of her (FULLONTON - 195)


* Joseph FULLONTON, The History of Raymond, N.H., 195.

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