I’ve always wanted to know more about my 11th Great Grandfather John CRAM (About 1540 – 28 May 1599). I hope this will cover all CRAM, CRAMME, CRAMBE and VonCRAM. I know there are other cousins out there that I haven’t met or been in contact with. I hope to meet them and hope that we can help each other discover other relatives. Always interested in getting new data on my family. Please contact me if you do have some. Thank you.

Saturday, February 2, 2008

(54) Sarah CRAM (6 Aug 1706-?) – Jeremiah GOVE (20 Mar 1694/5-?)

54. Sarah CRAM (Benjamin, Benjamin, John, Thomas, John) was born on 6 Aug 1706 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA.
Sarah married Jeremiah GOVE on 2 Feb 1724/1725. Jeremiah was born on 20 Mar 1694/1695.

They had the following children:

125 M i. Joseph GOVE was born on 5 Jun 1726.

126 F ii. Jane GOVE was born in 1728.

127 F iii. Abigail GOVE .

128 F iv. Sarah GOVE .

129 F v. Judith GOVE .

130 M vi. Nathan GOVE .

131 M vii. John GOVE .

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simplestuff02 said...

Only info I have on the Gove/Cram children.
Joseph Gove born 6-5-1726 died 11-24-1802 married Susanne Pevear.
Jane Gove born 9-22-1728 married Richard Brewster 1-12-1749.
Abigail Gove born 1790 married Samuel Morgan.
Judith Gove born 1734 married Ezekiel Morrill 1-5-1758.
Nathan Gove born 6-18-1741 died 6- -1814 married Abigail Page 12-24-1767.
David Gove born 1743 died 12-11-1756.
John Gove born 1-24-1747 married Sarah Blake 3-10-1768 Sarah's parents Timothy Blake and Tabitha.