I’ve always wanted to know more about my 11th Great Grandfather John CRAM (About 1540 – 28 May 1599). I hope this will cover all CRAM, CRAMME, CRAMBE and VonCRAM. I know there are other cousins out there that I haven’t met or been in contact with. I hope to meet them and hope that we can help each other discover other relatives. Always interested in getting new data on my family. Please contact me if you do have some. Thank you.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Benjamin CRAM Senior (1637-1707)

22. Benjamin CRAM Senior (John, Thomas, John) was born in 1637/1642 in Exeter, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. He died in Mar 1707/1708 in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. Benjamin resided in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. Benjamin married Argentine CROMWELL daughter of Giles CROMWELL and Alice WEEKS on 28 Nov 1662 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. Argentine was born about 1637 in Salisbury, Essex, Massachusetts, USA. She died after 1711 in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. She was buried in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA.


Benjamin is not included among the children of John and Hester reported by GDMNH. Sanborn and Sanborn, "Vital Records of Hampton, New Hampshire, to the End of the Year 1900," (1992), v. 1, pp. 74 and 556 [marriage].
Benjamin CRAM married Argentine CROMWELL, said to be a relative of Oliver CROMWELL, the
Protector of England. (FULLONTON -193)
B. 1642, Exeter, Rockingham, NH, D. 1711 Hampton Falls, Rockingham, NH (CRAM-8)

Benjamin, son of John, born in Exeter, 1642; mar. Argentine CROMWELL,28 Nov 1662; lived in Hampton
Falls. Argentine CROMWELL was the daughter of Gyles, one of the early settlers of Newbury (1637),
who died 25 Feb 1673. His son Thoms, b. 1617, removed in Hampton in 1639 and became a physician.
Later, he lived in Salem where his daughter married Jonathan PICKERING. Early chroniclers of the
CRAM family in NH state that Argentine CROMWELL was related to Oliver CROMWELL, the Protector.
This is probably true. There is considerable evidence to supportit. (CRAM -9)

Benjamin, second son and child of John and Hester CRAM, married November 28, 1662, Argentine
CROMWELL, possibly widow of Thomas CROMWELL, one of the grantees, about twenty-one years old
at the time of grant, who appears to have been in Hampton a short time with the first settlers, and is said
to have died in Boston in 1649. Their children were: Sarah, John, Benjamin, Mary, Joseph, Hannah,
Esther, Jonathan and Elizabeth (STEARNS - 1390-1391)

Benjamin and Argentine had the following children:

+ 26 F i. Sarah CRAM was born on 19 Sep 1663. She died on 27 Mar 1708.

+ 27 M ii. John CRAM Senior was born on 6 Apr 1665. He died on 31 Mar 1742.

+ 28 M iii. Benjamin CRAM Junior was born on 30 Dec 1666. He died in Apr 1717.

29 F iv. Mary CRAM was born on 6 Aug 1669 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA.

+ 30 M v. Joseph CRAM was born on 12 Apr 1671. He died after Aug 1710.

+ 31 F vi. Hannah CRAM was born on 22 Aug 1673. She died on 15 Oct 1768.

32 F vii. Ester (Esther) CRAM was born on 16 Oct 1675 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA.

33 M viii. Jonathan CRAM was born on 26 Apr 1678 in Hampton, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. He died on 3 Dec 1703 in Hampton Falls, Rockingham, New Hampshire, USA. He died unmarried.

+ 34 F ix. Elizabeth CRAM was born on 3 Jan 1680/1681. She died in 1765.

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